The Directors

Ely Loew

Youngil Ely Loew

Ely Loew has been working professionally in digital advertising over the past seven years, specializing in YouTube strategy for large international brands. He is currently also the National Pastor for FFWPU Ireland, and in 2016, Ely served as the General Manager of Cranes Club Europe. In his free time, he enjoys being a father, reading, and playing chess.

Copy Ceri

Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones is a Paraplanner training to be a Financial Adviser & eventually take over the family business from her father. She has a degree in International Business, Finance & Economics from the University of Manchester. Her work mainly consists of advising individuals & businesses on life insurance, pensions & investments.

She is passionate about the Cranes Club as a means of connecting people of similar or complementary aspirations in order to share the wealth of talent, skills & ideas within our community to build inspiring & successful ventures.

Andre Inoe

Inoë André

Inoë André is a software engineer since November 2017. He graduated from
Grenoble Institute of Technology with honours in Signal and Image
processing. His work in Paris consists of developing programs and
applications to improve electricity consumption management.
As a director of Cranes Club, he wants to help CC members develop
inspiring professional career and provide networking support so that they
can harmoniously contribute to society.

Veronica Dostilio

Veronica Dostilio is currently studying International Business Administration at BSP university in Berlin. She has been active with service projects and volunteering in Europe and in the Philippines over the past few years. And now she is focused on getting her Bachelor and studying  German.

She joined CC with the desire and motivation to encourage and support networking in our communities, to maintain a connection and awareness of how much we can achieve when we unite, share and inspire each other. (6)

Samuel H. Muruzábal

Samuel H. Muruzábal actually is an IT consultant and programmer at Everis for the NATO implementing ERPs in their agencies. He graduated in Business Management at UAM, passing through other universities as UPNA, Carlos III and Harvard.

He has experience in different sectors as accounting and finance, international marketing in Shanghai, retail manager and programmer.

He would like to help CC members to achieve their goals, such as their professional careers or starting their own projects. Helping creating solid networking and guidance with the experience, knowledge and talent of our members.