The Directors

Antto Hassinen

Antto Hassinen

Antto Hassinen is a MSc student at Aalto University in Finland, majoring in finance and business administration. Besides his studies, he has actively served his local Unification community by taking responsibility in Family Federation and youth work for a number of years. Antto is also a second lieutenant in the Finnish Defence Forces. His hobbies include sports in several forms, playing in a band and moving outdoors in the nature.

Ely Loew

Youngil Ely Loew

Ely Loew has been working professionally in digital advertising over the past seven years, specializing in YouTube strategy for large international brands. He is currently also the National Pastor for FFWPU Ireland, and in 2016, Ely served as the General Manager of Cranes Club Europe. In his free time, he enjoys being a father, reading, and playing chess.

Andre Inoe

Inoë André

Inoë André is a software engineer since November 2017. He graduated from
Grenoble Instutite of Technology with honours in Signal and Image
processing. His work in Paris consists in developing programs and
applications to improve electricity consumption management.
As a director of Cranes Club, he wants to help CC members develop
inspiring professional career and provide networking support so that they
can harmoniously contribute to the society.

Florent Chaillie

Florent Chaillié

Florent Chaillié, MSc, has been working in finance for the past 10 years,
specializing in asset management. He is currently working in Paris for the
bank Société Générale as a portfolio analyst valuing hedge funds. In his free
time, he enjoys organizing events for the youth in his community, music and
spending time with friends. He wants to help Cranes Club become a network
that can empower the professionals in the European community and abroad.

Romica Spiegl-Jones

Romica Spiegl-Jones

Romica Spiegl-Jones is a freelance children's book illustrator, designer, and
creative entrepreneur based in Manchester UK. Her aim is to create moving
illustrations for children's books and to inspire and support creative people by
sharing her journey in the creative industries. She believes that our work
should be fulfilling and have a purpose, and therefore decided to support
other young professionals as a Cranes Club director for a year.